One Platform. Every Use.

VView is the world’s first independent platform for managing both hardware-based and software-defined content distribution and visualization, combining Video Wall Control, Visual Sharing & Storytelling, AVoIP Streaming, and Real-Time AI Analytics in one.

Video Walls

From classrooms, meeting spaces and collaboration suites to mission-critical control rooms for Infrastructure, Utilities, NOC, SOC, EOC, and Crisis Response, VView puts you in control.

Video Wall Control: The VView Video Wall Controller is hardware agnostic and the platform can manage multiple hardware controllers concurrently, as well as a wide range of graphics cards using VView’s own controller software for smaller independent video walls, allowing you to share content between them in real-time. 

Desktop Sharing: Multiple users can select any video wall on the network and stream desktop content in real-time, with audio support, either via a direct hardware encoder connection or securely via the VView software itself, hardware and software encoders can co-exist to meet customer-specific requirements. 

Video Wall Streaming: Where hardware encoders are not an option, VView’s high performance, low latency software-driven encoder can also be used to capture and share the whole video wall, select zones, or specific content, for secure streaming, e.g. to remote crisis centre locations.

Alerts & War Rooms: Integrate any external data sources to bring insights and analytics to your video wall in a dashboard for real-time alerting, or repurpose your video wall for crisis management by aggregating streams from multiple control rooms across different locations to aid quick decision making.

VMS Integration: Existing VMS sources can also be integrated into the Video Wall. Genetec and Milestone camera sources can be managed directly from the VView Video Wall controller using ONVIF, without the need to deploy any additional VMS plugins.

Digital Signage

Whether it’s a lobby or campus, restaurant or boutique, an exhibition or a museum, eye-popping visuals are key to differentiating and enhancing the visitor experience. 

Multi-Display: VView allows high-quality content from any connected source to be organised and mapped to multiple outputs and creatively configured displays in real-time while keeping everything perfectly in sync.

Multi-Site: From employee communication to guest information, engage and inform your audience with centrally controlled content distributed to multiple displays across multiple locations. Group displays for scheduled and tailored content, and change content sources in real-time for emergency messages or organisation-wide announcements. 

Audience Specific: Easily manage and distribute the right content at the right time to the right audience on-demand or on-schedule with centralised content automation for distributed displays.

Real-Time: Whether it’s Flight Arrivals & Departures in an airport lounge, or merchandising, live scores, and instant replays at a sports stadium in areas away from the action, you can roll pre-programmed content, trigger a feed, or push live data to multiple displays and to multiple locations.

Interactive: Combine clever content output with VView’s multi-touch input support and you can take wayfinding and other interactive experiences to a whole new level.


An increasing appetite for captivating visual experiences and a pandemic-induced explosion in remote working is reshaping how we communicate with our audience and how that content is consumed.  

Advertising: Centrally manage ad content in a Signage Player, then capture and live stream the content with low latency to IP displays at hundreds of public places such as train stations, malls, and more.

Drone Footage: VView’s software encoding lets you capture live high-resolution video data from non-traditional sources such as Drones for events, industrial surveys, or even military use and stream it securely across multiple services, or to a Video Wall, or a combination of both.

Record & Stream: Deliver the full presentation experience to your audience wherever they are by capturing video from the laptop, audio from the microphone, and the presentation from the screen. Design a layout to combine all the inputs then live stream and record the session, all in real-time.

CDN LiveStream: Whether you have pre-recoded content or need to deliver multiple live video source inputs to an online audience, VView allows you to live stream videos and live event feeds with high resolution and low latency to content delivery networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Capture Anything, Stream Anywhere: With support for professional hardware encoders as well as our inbuilt low latency software-driven encoder, you can capture content from a variety of connected sources, consolidate, and output to streaming services, video walls, or individual displays, while recording the stream to local, network or cloud storage, all using a single UI.

Real-Time Demography Analytics & Content Automation

As important as it is to deliver captivating content in creative ways, understanding the engagement of that content is of equal value when it comes to maximising the return on your visual investments.  

Audience Insights: VView allows you to combine Video or Sensor inputs with your Digital Signage Displays and our AI will analyse the data stream to produce anonymised people demographics such as age, gender, attention span, dwell time, average attention, isLooking, etc. so that you can track audience types in real-time, or use these insights for content planning and optimisation.

Personalised Content: Use demography insights for the personalisation of content to the shopping crowd at any given time. Our rules engine lets you personalise content based on historical data and data aggregated over time of day, day of week, and month, to make sure you can captivate your audience and maximise the impact of your visual content.

Super-Targeted Advertising: It’s time to take digital advertising to the next level with AI-Powered Content Delivery. Gone are the days of looping ads on a digital screen and hoping they get noticed. With our AI tracking real-time demographics and the rules engine matching the exact content to the audience in front of the display, you can be assured that your visual content will make an impression on those who count.



Whatever Your Use Case, VView Has The Solution.